Alrighty! Getting started in the blogoshpere…

I had some thoughts recently that maybe I’ll just blog here and there about this and that. I happened to mention these thoughts to Jan in passing yesterday, and BOOM! Jan, being the assertive web mentor that he is, had me do it then and there (after I made a quick trip to the ladies’).

My intention in this whole endeavor is to have a place to ramble (as I’m apt to do often) and post most of the cool stuff I see, hear and read about online and around. I suppose it all came about from a tiny twinge of guilt for forwarding many emails with jokes, photos, web links. I only do it because I want to share with my peeps! But I’m tired of “forcing” all of you to experience these cool things that I find. So if I just post them here, you’ll be free to peruse at will.

Ending the emails cold-turkey may be tough. I mean, I am going to HAVE to send out a mass email to let you all know about this blog, right?? See? Tough…

Just know that you should bookmark this blog. Visit me often. I’m gonna post links, ideas, images, whatever.

And be sure to comment!

OK. (Does this thing have a spell check?)

See you soon.

PS. the jasmine at the beach smells SO good! sigh…

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