camera obscura

While surfing around this evening, I was reminded of an AMAZING photo exhibit I saw last summer in Chicago. I didn’t remember the photographer’s name, but when I read “…Abelardo Morell turning hotel rooms into pinhole cameras” I KNEW it was the same artist!

Melissa and I hit The Art Institute of Chicago at warp speed before we had to catch our flight home. If we hadn’t been in such a rush (a shame, really—we literally only spent about 2 minutes admiring “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte“), I would have loved to pour over all the details in each of the photos. The prints are actually pretty big—about 4′x3′ or so. You can almost imagine being in the room.

The genius of his work is that he takes a shot of the room with a more conventional camera—in essence—a camera inside a bigger camera. Brilliant.

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