truth is…

It’s a long-standing Ingalls-Hazlett (more so Ingalls) tradition to play Win, Lose or Draw at family gatherings. The competition is always women against men. The two teams separate to come up with clues for the opposing team. Inevitably, the men’s clues are a smattering of car parts, guns and military terms, while the women’s clues are peppered with cosmetics, fabrics and literary references.


“shimmer powder”

The most infamous clue ever given (I’ll say circa 1987) was from the women to the men: Truth is stranger than fiction. Needless to say, it’s infamous because of the hornets’ nest that it stirred. The men protested their loss on that round, stating that the phrase was made up, didn’t exist. Of course, everyone knows that arguing with a close-knit group of women just doesn’t work. We took the win, as usual.

What makes the victory even sweeter to me still today is a trailer I happened to see for an upcoming movie called Stranger Than Fiction. It looks like it’s going to be great! Can’t wait to see it! Maybe we’ll make it a family outing…

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