summer romances

Lately, I’ve had butterflies! Oh, yes, I’m talking about summer loves—but (sadly) it’s not what you think.

I have to admit, Dana Point is not the best (or even a mediocre) place to find romance. In fact, this summer, I’m finding more success through my TV and NetFlix!!

Just a few of my new, albeit fleeting, loves:

• Arrested Development—I’m new to the whole Arrested Development brilliance. I’d always heard that it was a great show, but never made the effort to watch—it being on FOX and all. (This is probably the same reason I never watch The Simpsons, though I should). Back to AD…it’s pretty hilarious! Granted, it’s not for everyone, but I get it! And getting to look at Jason Bateman* is a bonus!!

• Saved—Seriously, I only started watching this show because Tom Everett Scott* was the star. But it’s turned out to be a pretty good show. I was a little disappointed in the latest episode ripping off Sally Field’s “ER” storyline of the bi-polar mother, but I got over it. Another reason I like this show is because of “leading lady” Elizabeth Reaser. I adored her character and performance in Mind the Gap, thought she was underexposed in The Family Stone, and any show that casts her is bound to be a good one.

• The Henry Rollins* Show—This one’s been on my favorite list—long before the summer—since it was called Henry’s Film Corner, but watching an episode tonight rekindled the flame. I’m not a dedicated viewer. I don’t watch it faithfully. When I do watch it, I’m consistently pleased with how intelligent the conversations are, including the satirical bits. I searched for the most recent “Rollins Reconsiders” on global warming to post here, but I couldn’t find a file of it to post. It really is worth watching: go to the show’s page, click on the VIDEO button under DOWNLOADS, click on “The Henry Rollins Show: Episode 18,” scroll down the list, click on “The Henry Rollins Show: Rollins Reconsiders, Episode 18.” Whew!! While you’re there, check out the other “Rollins Reconsiders” clips…funny guy!

• Project Runway—see previous post. I may be losing steam with this show. I’m not giving up on it just yet, though. I still find it somewhat inspiring to see all the talent and creativity, but it’s nothing close to what I felt that first night—typical of a summer romance, don’t you think?

Like all summer loves, I don’t expect them to last. I’m just having fun with them while I can.

*high-school-girl-type crush (yes, I still get crushes even though I’m 32. Perhaps that’s how I stay so young!)

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