take my breath away

The latest Communication Arts issue arrived today, as usual, in a plain brown cardboard mailer. It sat unopened—a shame, really—on my desk all day while I worked on magazine deadlines.

Just as I was thinking about shutting down and leaving for the evening, I decided to open it. As I sliced through the packing tape and pulled one side of the cardboard flap away (imagine Charlie opening a Wonka Bar), I was astounded.


Is it possible to fall in love with a photograph?

Gasp! It’s gorgeous! Breathtaking even! I quickly flipped through the pages of the photography annual to find the artist. Of course! Howard Schatz—I should have known. I’ve been a fan of his since 1995 when I researched and used some of his photos from Seeing Red in Ms. Roberts’ page layout class at UGA.

If memory serves me correctly (seems iffy these days), Schatz is a former dentist turned photographer. God bless him for finding his true calling.

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