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My friend Brian has a party every year to kick off the SEC/college football season. I’ve never been able to attend since they are always in Atlanta, but mark my words, I’ll get to one of these parties one day!

In addition to all of the celebrating, this year Brian has decided to spin the gathering into a fundraiser. How brilliant (and easy) is that?!

excerpt from Brian’s invitation:
What is better than an autumn Saturday with college football, good friends, intense excitement, and cold beer?

Not much! However:
The 6th Annual College Football Party will take on a different purpose this year! The party will be the same, but the purpose will be to raise some funds for the American Cancer Society.

The upcoming year will mark the 10th year since my mother lost her fight against cancer; therefore, I want to mark this year’s college football celebration to her memory!

Please help me accomplish this! Lets party with a purpose to assist in finding a cure for cancer and providing assistance to those fighting for their lives.

Please help me raise some funds by bringing a check (paybable to American Cancer Society), some cash, or spare change! Any amount is so very welcome! If you cannot contribute–come anyhow and celebrate the good cause!

In keeping with college football, the funds will be collected in various bins. Each bin will represent either the SEC, ACC, BIG 10, or “who cares? where is the beer?”

All sums will go directly to the American Cancer Society in memory of Nancy L. Johnson (1947-1997).

Please help me in this endeavor at the 6th Annual College Football Party!

Join us once again for a great party!!

Why aren’t ALL parties like this? Take an event that is going to happen, no matter what, and collect donations for a good cause! Just think of all the charity (every little bit counts, right?) that could result from a simple donation bin (or two) at parties!
I think we should all adopt this way of thinking. Bravo, Brian. My donation is in the mail!

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