ooh la la!

Paris will be very real for me within a year.

The City of Lights moved to the top of my travel detination list, let’s say, a few years ago. Kenry asked me if I knew that I would expire in one week, where would I want to travel? The answer immediately became clear.

I haven’t really taken any specific measures since then to get there. However, it’s apparent that the time has come! (Well, it will be coming for a while, but the plans are more in motion than ever).

Megan suggested to me a few weeks ago that we go to Paris next summer. I didn’t skip a beat in agreeing with her.

Since we’ve made the decision, there was an “Americans in Paris” episode of This American Life that aired last week. And, low and behold, the Project Runway contestants were jetted off to Paris in tonight’s episode! Can the writing be any more on the wall?!

I need to bone up on my French.


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