total domination!! (OK, not really, but almost!)

Bar trivia is the name of the game.

I’ve been wanting to do this since my college days. And that is a LONG time!

Flash forward to last night. My friend Cabot and I hit Rogue Ales Public House in North Beach for the weekly trivia. I’m all aflutter!

We got our drinks, quiz booklet, pencil, chose our team name: 2 Much Sushi—how we were both feeling from dinner—and settled in for what’s bound to be a schooling in the ways of team trivia, since we were merely a team of two facing many multiple-person teams. [Sidebar: Several of the teams chose names with "vagina" in them. Is this a trivia trend I need to know about?]

Round 1: General knowledge

Round 2: Baseball nicknames (I’m useless during this round, but my teammate is golden!)

Round 3: Another general knowledge

Round 4: Name the celebrities in the the photos

Round 5: Music—name the movie from which the song played won the Oscar (I’ll go ahead and say this was MY round)

Round 6: Extra difficult general knowledge

As the rounds passed, our score crept higher and higher, and we were totally impressed with ourselves. After Round 6, while the quiz “master” was calculating the scores, Cabot suggests that we take off and tell ourselves that we took third place (whether we did or not—a sort of self-proclaimed victory in our own minds). I objected and held firm to staying through to hear the outcome.

Quiz master reads off the scores, bottom of the heap first. He finishes the list of losers, and 2 Much Sushi was NOT on the list! That’s right! 2 Much Sushi squashes the masses to take 3rd place and wins $15!!

It’s official: Cabot and Jenna are smartypants who DOMINATE!

Look out bar trivia world, I’ll be back!

you know you’re a party animal when…

Note emailed to guestlist on a Tuesday after a Saturday night party:

“Hi Everyone,

So in the dark of the night, I left with what I though were my black loafers. However upon further inspection in the daylight, I noticed that I took someone else’s right shoe.

Is this yours? Do you have mine?

Yours: Wilke-Rodriguez
Mine: Zara Classic

Drop me an email and I’ll rendezvous with you for a hand-off, or foot-off.

Thanks, and my apologies!”

now THAT’s a party! Ha!