I received a lovely, handwritten note from a friend last week.

It was such a pleasant surprise because a) it was just to say hi and b) she took the time to not email. It made me stop and think about how great it is to receive snail mail in these days of instantly-gratifying technology.

I was lucky enough to be brought up in the days of written correspondence. My grandmother and aunt used to write letters to me when I was growing up. I often wrote letters to friends and received many letters in return. And I’m happy to have even had the exciting chance to participate in the art of love letters! Sigh…

Sadly, those days seem so long ago. My aunt has stopped writing her letters—even after she swore that she would never email since her husband is a postmaster—she now emails me. She shocked me the other day with an IM!

Fetching the mail just isn’t as rewarding as it used to be, but I’d like to try to bring back that spark. I’m returning the “favor” to my friend by sending her a handwritten note, too. I’d like to try to increase my letter writing. It’s one of those pleasures that is so easy to achieve but rarely done.

Go send a note! :D

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