After a long day of Alcatraz touring and Union Square shopping, I knew exactly where I wanted to take Natalie (and myself) for dinner.

A few months ago Larisa and I took the Vampire Tour of San Francisco, and one of the stops on the tour was on the sidewalk in front of the Nob Hill Café. While the vampiress gave her talk, I noticed how good the food looked and smelled and made a note to file away the location for later use.

When Natalie and I found ourselves famished I knew just where we would go—the Nob Hill Café. As we were seated, I saw them—the San Francisco Brown Twins! I discreetly, but excitedly, told Natalie how blessed we were to be in the presence of such local celebrities!

They were sitting in the window seat and graciously posed for photos as passers-by recognized them. I wanted to get their photo SO bad, but I didn’t want to be one of those obnoxious people that make life a pain for celebrities. So I reached deep down to find some patience, and I decided to wait until they were done with their evening and wanted to leave. No sooner than I had made that decision did a lady barge into the restaurant (a lovely Italian trattoria, by the way) to interrupt the twins’ evening and asked to take their photo—no regard for their meal, no regard for the other patrons in the dining room, no intention of patronizing the café. I didn’t see it, but I heard the twins tell her to give them some time to finish their meal. I told Natalie that that lady is precisely the person I don’t want to be and ruins the fun for the rest of us! Grrr…

Since my back was to the twins, Natalie was my look-out to let me know when they were done and ready to leave. They got up from their table and stopped to say hello to everyone in the room. As they got to our table and said hello, I asked if I could take their photo outside. Again graciously, they agreed but wanted a little time to visit the “lounge” before they left. Of course, I agreed.

When they were ready to walk out, all bundled in matching leopard-print coats, leopard-print cowboy hats (which they wore all through dinner), and blue gloves, they came over to grab me! Amazing! I followed them outside, they posed, I shot. I was satisfied. But they made my night even better by asking my name and introducing themselves. They handed me a business card with their address and requested that I send them a copy of the photo (I think they do this to everyone who shoots them). Vivian then made sure that I knew she was 8 minutes older and therefore more experienced, and Marian stepped in front of her and said that it in turn made her the younger of the two! So cute!

I love San Francisco!!

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