I returned home from seeing Ratatouille on such a great high.

Reasons why:
1. I chose to see this movie at one of my local, neighborhood, independent theaters—one of the best decisions I’ve made lately. The friendly energy from the community was spilling over into the theater even as we were standing in line to even be seated.

2. I saw the latest show, therefore the audience was mainly my peers (old folks—ha!).

3. The theater was playing Edith Piaf pre-screening time.

4. The theater manager took a moment to welcome and thank us all for coming. Then he had a trivia question for the audience worth a free movie pass. (Who was the original director linked with Ratatouille and what was his Oscar-winning Pixar short titled? Answer: Jan Pinkava, Geri’s Game.) The manager then introduced the movie—I loved it!

5. The previews included an excruciating look at an upcoming film of Bratz, and not only was the theater silent with disbelief as the preview played, but there were passionate hisses and boos as it ended. Awesome! I LOVE my community!

6. Ratatouille is set in Paris. And since my trip fell through this summer, what better way to get there for $8.50 than an evening at the movies?

7. Needless to say, the movie was amazing! It was not my favorite Pixar movie, but the experience was by far a great Saturday night in the Richmond! (Ok, yes, I know I need to get out more…)