this one goes out to Melissa and John

John Legend came through the speakers during my last visit to Starbucks in Redwood Shores.

One barista excitedly says to the other, “John Legend again!”

Barista #2: “Yeah, I don’t really like him.”

Barista #1 just continues singing (very well) along with the grooves as he starts my grande sugar-free vanilla iced latte (sans “low-fat” since they’ve started making all drinks low-fat now…how great is that?!). I leaned over and told him in solidarity that I like John Legend too.

Barista #2: “I just don’t like his type of music.”

Patron behind me in line: “Oh, I like his music. He just needs to get someone else to sing his songs for him.”

BURN, John Legend!! Ouch! That stings…

I still like him, but that scene totally made me giggle.

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