oh, yes…there WILL be

If this movie (There Will Be Blood) doesn’t rake in the awards this year, something is wrong wrong wrong! Mind you, I haven’t seen a bunch of the other nominated movies yet, but still!

Granted, I had the best of all possible experiences—viewing it at a Landmark cinema, the Bridge Theater. Much like my Ratatouille experience, the movie was introduced by one of the employees—and these employees live and breathe movies, you can just tell. This guy was very charming and skilled at his job. He gave plenty of pre-movie information (such as just how many Oscars this movie has been nominated for—8—and much of this movie and No Country for Old Men was filmed on the same locations in Texas). He also noticed a raised hand in the crowd—”yes, do you have a question?” Audience member’s Q: “Will there be blood?” Charming movie guy’s A: “There WILL be blood.” Ahhh… and that’s why I love going to the movies in San Francisco!

Three words, okay, names: Daniel. Day. Lewis. Just go ahead and give this man a life-time Oscar, already! He is fascinating to watch in this film—and any film. And the cutest kid since Suri Cruise is his right-hand man. I wanted to put him in my pocket and bring him home with me!

So besides a few hiding-behind-my-hands scenes—which were necessary for weight—my assessment is that this movie is amazing.

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