Jan had an Apple TV guided tour queued up on his TV the other night. I saw the thumbnail on the screen and thought to myself, “that must be a photo of me that Jan took a few years ago.” ‘Cuz he’s taken photos of me. I know he has.

Then he played it. It kinda freaked me out a little bit.

In case you can’t tell, the REAL me is on the right: photo by Jan Garcia.

I posted this side-by-side comparison on flickr the other day and got some great reactions—many similar to my own—weirded out. The best was fooling my own mother. She was convinced that I had worked some PhotoShop voodoo on the left photo. Nope. Other than lightening this version a tad, there’s no alteration whatsoever.

We’ve all seen folks out there that sort of look like us, right? All I’m saying is watch out for the ones that have your same hair style!

**UPDATE: My roommate, Joel, found this…read comment #1!

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