let me count the ways

I am really good at coming up with ways to be passive aggressive. Okay. I’m really good at coming up with ways of being plain aggressive, too. But I normally try to be as rational and understanding as I can. And that usually means beating down all those great ideas and letting that water roll right off the back.

I truly like to keep the Golden Rule in mind when dealing with others—especially others that are special to me. But sometimes, just sometimes, doesn’t it feel sooo good to give in to that little devil on the shoulder?

Living with roommates opens up a cornucopia of opportunities. I admit to participating in some PA activities around the house. And some of those activities were even in partnership with other roommates. Mind you, we’re all still pretty pleased with each other in our living situation. It’s just that everyone has their little quirks that seem to glare here and there.

Family is another easy target—easier than roommates—but somehow way more sensitive. I’d like to think I’ve matured enough to steer clear of the family PA shenanigans. That, and living far enough away from them all helps, too.

And then there are the relationship digs. Here is where the ice becomes thin and treacherous to tread. But I confess, my most beautiful and purely poetic PA feat was executed in the relationship realm—only when the relationship was kaput, of course. It was like a finely executed Rube Goldberg set-up where everything fell right into place, almost as if I weren’t even trying. Like I said, pure poetry, simply brilliant. Is it so wrong to be extremely proud of such a thing?

Yes, I know it’s not a good thing. And, yes, I try very hard to turn the other cheek when I so badly want to flash both of them at some folks. I know that it’s usually me that retains the psychological damage in the long run. And I’m working through it all the time.

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