too cool

Another fine example of how absolutely cool and inspirational my friends are:
Sasha makes these compilation CDs and distributes them to the deserving masses. I’m not quite sure of the criteria for belonging to this special group, but I’m so thrilled that I’ve been lucky enough to be included and received two of them now.

The latest CD is titled ‘Summer’s Too Hot for Love.’ And the level of thoughtfulness and dedication is apparent in the production.

I’ll share some of the liner notes that I find particularly clever and relevant. The playlist is arranged in the order of how love usually progresses. These are the sections:
I. Introduction: Intuition
II. Fascination
III. Infatuation
IV. Adoration + Devotion
V. Trepidation + Disintegration
VI. Conclusion without Resolution
VII. Alleviation + Restoration
VIII. Epilogue: Revitalization

and, of course, the music is all goo-ood.

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