the law of murphy

Our canoe flipping over is the one wrong thing that didn’t happen…but it did happen to Grant and Ky. (And our cookies were in their boat! Man!)

Things that went wrong on my recent trip to the Russian River:

1. We saw a sheep on the loose on Hwy. 12. This isn’t necessarily something that went wrong so much as out-of-the ordinary and a bit alarming. Yet, it fueled some good ‘Mary lost her little lamb’ jokes—the best one was when Grant called 911 to report it he described the lamb as having fleece as white as snow. heh heh heh

2. We were late by about an hour. (But, honestly, when you’re dealing with a group of 18, someone has to be late, right?)

3. We mistakenly ran into tree branches, got hung up on some rocks, and I almost lost my life to an enormous spiderweb.

4. I had a wardrobe malfunction with my bathing-suit top while trying to take my sandals off to go swimming. It’s quite possible I gave a show—or 3, as the top ‘popped’ more than once due to a faulty closure—to my friends. But if they saw my breasticles, they were kind enough not to say anything other than “keep your clothes on!”

5. We actually ran into a duck. How that happens, I still can’t figure out. All I know is I felt a thump and saw an angry duck quacking and skittering away.

6. After a long day of rowing, and knowing full-well that I would be sore, today I’m feeling that I pulled a muscle in my leg. Not my arms—my leg!

I have to admit, that list makes me smile and giggle. It really was a great day.

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