So one of my new favorite shows is actually a couple of shows: Who Do You Think You Are? and Finding Your Roots. Watching the ‘time travel’ and family revelations is so interesting. I think I prefer PBS’s Finding Your Roots because they actually feature both sides of the family tree and supply data based on DNA tests, where as Who Do You Think You Are? focuses mainly on one side of the family tree and is a bit more sentimental. 

Watching these shows sparked a family conversation this weekend with Kapil. I found myself verbally diagramming my maternal family to him. And I told him that we are sort of a big deal. (haha). I come from the Ingalls family. As in, Ma and Pa Ingalls. As in, Laura Ingalls Wilder. This all led me to show him old episodes of Little House on the Prairie on YouTube, so he could get an even better idea. (By the way, how awesome is Little House on the Paririe?!)

But with all of the well-documented and published genealogy on my mom’s side, my dad’s side is much less laid out. My brother did some research a while ago, but I don’t know how far he got. Watching these roots shows stirs up desires to go digging…one day.


I sort of lost my blogging way around about the time that I finally embraced Facebook. But I want to come back. I’ve missed this.

Naturally, a lot has happened since my last blog post (hello, 2008). Fear not, I won’t rehash the nutty details (*cough* couch surfing for a year and a half and two moves after that *cough*).

I’ll just summarize the past few years this way: you really never know where life will take you, and you just can NOT make plans for it. I now embrace this truism because it is what makes our lives, relationships, experiences rich and meaningful. I still find myself wanting to make plans. I think it’s an old perfectionist habit that is lingering. But I’m still practicing at taking deep breaths and letting each day come as it does. And they always do.

Sidenote: As I dusted off this old blog, I found that most of the archives have broken links. I’m still looking into repairing them, but some of them are gone for good. So, if you’re reading through old posts and find dead ends or missing photos, I’m sorry. But thanks for reading anyway!