Jenna Draws.

I’ve found myself in a weird space.

I’m trying to find my (new) passion. After 17 years of being a graphic designer, and knowing that that was indeed my path, I’m now considering other avenues. Do I want to continue doing graphic design, but perhaps in different ways? Yes! Do I want to get back to my roots and draw and paint? Yes! Do I want to try more crafty pursuits and work a little with my hands? Yes!

But it’s tough. Who knew it would be this tough? Not me. I feel stress and anxiety over it. Isn’t that weird? To have freedom and incredible support and encouragement to dabble and experiment is daunting. I know how it sounds: like hundreds of eyes rolling, including my own.

It’s difficult to know where to start. Imagine you’ve been served 5 different desserts. Do you try them all at once? Do you finish them one by one? I know from experience, as this was my last birthday:


I think my approach is going to be trying a little bit here and a little bit there. One thing I’ve started is a platform to be accountable for almost-daily drawings. It’s a tumblr page called Jenna Draws. I really want to make it work, and the point is for them to not be perfect, but just be done and posted. It’s practice.

My tool of choice at the moment is my adorable little iPad mini. I was so impressed with the David Hockney iPad drawings, that I thought “heck yeah!” So here I go.

Wish me luck!