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total domination!! (OK, not really, but almost!)

Bar trivia is the name of the game.

I’ve been wanting to do this since my college days. And that is a LONG time!

Flash forward to last night. My friend Cabot and I hit Rogue Ales Public House in North Beach for the weekly trivia. I’m all aflutter!

We got our drinks, quiz booklet, pencil, chose our team name: 2 Much Sushi—how we were both feeling from dinner—and settled in for what’s bound to be a schooling in the ways of team trivia, since we were merely a team of two facing many multiple-person teams. [Sidebar: Several of the teams chose names with "vagina" in them. Is this a trivia trend I need to know about?]

Round 1: General knowledge

Round 2: Baseball nicknames (I’m useless during this round, but my teammate is golden!)

Round 3: Another general knowledge

Round 4: Name the celebrities in the the photos

Round 5: Music—name the movie from which the song played won the Oscar (I’ll go ahead and say this was MY round)

Round 6: Extra difficult general knowledge

As the rounds passed, our score crept higher and higher, and we were totally impressed with ourselves. After Round 6, while the quiz “master” was calculating the scores, Cabot suggests that we take off and tell ourselves that we took third place (whether we did or not—a sort of self-proclaimed victory in our own minds). I objected and held firm to staying through to hear the outcome.

Quiz master reads off the scores, bottom of the heap first. He finishes the list of losers, and 2 Much Sushi was NOT on the list! That’s right! 2 Much Sushi squashes the masses to take 3rd place and wins $15!!

It’s official: Cabot and Jenna are smartypants who DOMINATE!

Look out bar trivia world, I’ll be back!

you know you’re a party animal when…

Note emailed to guestlist on a Tuesday after a Saturday night party:

“Hi Everyone,

So in the dark of the night, I left with what I though were my black loafers. However upon further inspection in the daylight, I noticed that I took someone else’s right shoe.

Is this yours? Do you have mine?

Yours: Wilke-Rodriguez
Mine: Zara Classic

Drop me an email and I’ll rendezvous with you for a hand-off, or foot-off.

Thanks, and my apologies!”

now THAT’s a party! Ha!

stories of public transport

I’ve been living in the “big city” for almost three full months now, and I’ve collected a handful of noteworthy accounts of my experiences while riding the bus. I’ve written briefly about one of my favorite moments in the post titled “highly eventful.”

“Nourished and ready to go, Larisa and I caught the bus downtown. Crowded doesn’t even begin to describe this particular adventure. The highlight of the trip was watching a young mother with her two little girls and their two cousins (also girls). People tried to give up their seats for them, but the mother kept denying and opted to stand. When they got off at their stop (which isn’t easy on a crowded bus) I saw the oldest girl jump up and down and cheer and scream ‘we made it!’ I have to say it made me giggle, and I felt the same way when we got off further down the route.”

Since then, a few more stories have come to my attention as deserving documentation. I have a strong feeling that this will be a recurring theme here at the blog. So lets get started…

Yesterday, I was waiting on the bus in Chinatown. I happened to notice a pigeon hanging out on the wires attached to the wall beside me. So I took out my phone to take a quick photo.

Sacramento and Stockton

As I was messing around with my phone, I could hear another waiting passenger kind of grunting in my general direction. I casually turned to look behind me, and there was a man with a white bag. I think it was the type of bag that rice comes in—a sort of woven plastic or nylon. He looked at me, and I think he may have wanted to say something to me. I quickly turned back around and acted nonchalant and kept on waiting for the bus.

I kept hearing murmurs coming from the man and I turned to see him from my peripheral vision. This time he was craning his neck almost as if to get my attention, but if that really was the case, he could have easily reached out to tap my arm.

By this time, the bus arrived and the crowd squeezed through the doors. I made my way through the standing passengers to the back. Eventually a seat in the next to last row opened up, and I took it. I noticed a very cute young couple sitting in the row facing me.

While we rode I watched the scenery and periodically looked around the bus. At one point I turned to the right, and again through my peripheral vision I could see a craning head looking at me. It was the man from the stop in Chinatown! He was sitting on the back row behind me! I laughed a little on the inside.

About half-way through my ride the man stood up to get off and happened to be standing right next to me with the bag. I looked closer at the bag to see it was moving. It was moving! Immediately after I noticed it the girl sitting opposite me grabbed her boyfriend/husband and said, “there’s a chicken in that bag! There’s a f**king chicken in that bag!”

I don’t think her boyfriend/husband believed her, so when I caught her eye I nodded in stunned yet amused agreement.

highly eventful

I’ve just come off one of the busiest, ultra fun weekends I’ve had in a long time!

It all started Friday evening (as most weekends do, right?)…

I joined some friends in Hayes Valley for the holiday block party. Hayes Valley is home to a whole slew of great shops, galleries, restaurants, etc. I’ll definitely be returning to do some serious shopping. We walked around and nibbled on cookies and chocolates before heading over to Suppenkuche for our 8pm reservation. Suppenkuche is an experience. You can read more about it on their site, but the photos (they really should update to color) make the place look cold. It’s quite the opposite. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting. Everyone is there to have great Northern European food and beer. The decor is understated but very creative with tree branches, paper birds and tiny disco balls hung from the ceiling. (The disco balls may just be for the holidays, though).

After dinner, we walked over to a neighborhood bar and tried our hardest to beat Rodrigo at foosball. The best we did (3 on 1) was score one goal to his supreme domination. On to another bar, Sugar Lounge. This is where the night became hazy as many shots and rounds were shared. Needless to say, a good time was had by all, including yours truly.

Saturday, Larisa arrived from SoCal. After catching up over a nice, late Thai lunch, we jumped right into our SF explorations. First things first: a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. Gorgeous. From there, we drove downtown (in Larisa’s totally gangsta black Chrysler 300 rental car, no less!) and achieved the impossible—found a downtown parking space on the street directly across from the corner where our walking tour met. (More on that to come).

Since we had some time to kill before our tour, we walked down to Union Square. It’s decorated for the holidays, and crowds of shoppers are jamming the sidewalks. Hustle and bustle.

We enjoyed a quick drink and hiked back up to Nob Hill to join our tour: the Vampire Tour of San Francisco! I happened to come across this tour on my Goldstar Events email. I love learning the history of places, and what better way to learn than from a vampiress? And Larisa was game! On the tour we visited Grace Cathedral, Nob Hill Café, Huntington Park, The Pacific-Union Club, The Fairmont Hotel, and The Mark Hopkins Hotel. The tour content was 85% true history, 15% vampire embellishment, but fun just the same.

It was sad to leave that gem of a parking spot after the tour, but we desperately needed to warm up. So we drove back to my neighborhood and found The Plough and the Stars, where Larisa’s favorite Irish band Culann’s Hounds was scheduled to be playing…on Friday night. Too bad it was Saturday and we only realized this as we were walking into the bar! No matter. We stayed long enough for the local Irish boys to buy us a drink and leave before they hijacked us into their Guinness stupor.

Sunday brought another bright and beautiful day. We kicked off with pizza and bloody marys at Pizza Orgasmica. This was my suggestion as I had enjoyed a fantastic bloody mary made by Wyman (sp?) the Arkansas-native bartender the week before. Although Wyman wasn’t there, we had a good lunch.

Nourished and ready to go, Larisa and I caught the bus downtown. Crowded doesn’t even begin to describe this particular adventure. The highlight of the trip was watching a young mother with her two little girls and their two cousins (also girls). People tried to give up their seats for them, but the mother kept denying and opted to stand. When they got off at their stop (which isn’t easy on a crowded bus) I saw the oldest girl jump up and down and cheer and scream “we made it!” I have to say it made me giggle, and I felt the same way when we got off further down the route.

We proceeded to catch the F train to the Embarcadero, looked at the local art fair, and took a quick stroll through the Ferry Building.

Up next: cable cars! We rode over to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed a clam chowder bread bowl and a cracked crab at Sabella & La Torre. (My first cracked crab!) Over a post-crab coffee, we decided to cable-car back up to North Beach (Little Italy) to pop into City Lights bookstore. I think we were there for under 60 seconds as I checked the time and discovered we were about to be late for our show at the Warfield Theater.

Rather than cable-car back to Market Street as previously planned, we grabbed a cab and zipped on over to the theater and made it there in time to see the first act: Levi Weaver. He was a one-man, acoustic guitar show, but impressed and surprised me by using a violin bow on his guitar and a vintage mic at times. He even covered a Radiohead song (title escapes me) by live recording and looping right on stage! Until then, I had only seen this live once before at a Jon Brion show at Largo, but I knew I was in store for it with the headliner.

Act two: Kid Beyond—crazy stoopid beatbox master! He, too, was a one-man show, but this time there were no instruments. It was just him, his mic, a foot-pedal on the stage and the speakers. He produced his songs right on stage and had the crowd going nuts! I found this spot on NPR and bought his EP on iTunes this morning.

The reason for the night: Imogen Heap. Here’s the story. I passed on seeing her show in LA earlier this year because I wanted to save dollars or something lame like that. A few days later Natalie told me about seeing her in Atlanta and how great it was. Then I read an online review of her show (as equally glowing as Natalie’s take), and I immediately regretted not going. So when I saw she was going to be in SF I sprung for an early birthday gift for myself.

This show has easily leaped to the top three live shows I’ve attended. (The other two are U2 and Zero 7). The venue was great. Considering I bought the tickets fairly late in the game (the show was sold out), the seats were great. The opening acts were great. Great great great!

Cruising on a good-show high, Larisa and I made our way to the bus stop and took a not-so-crowded bus ride home. We rose this morning, got a bagel a couple of blocks away, and then I saw her off (in the P-I-M-P 300).

Now that was a good weekend!

warm and fuzzy

I got a really good feeling tonight as I was walking home from an afternoon at one of the local cafés.

Besides the obligatory good feeling I got from stopping in the neighborhood nursery to look around and smell the Xmas trees, I was stopped by a passing driver who asked me for directions. And I was able to point her in the right way in my new city. That’s a GOOD feeling. And it made me smile.