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the royal fart

I got this in my email today.

My question is: Why do they all have to wear the froofy garb—flair, if you will—EXCEPT for the Queen?? She really IS gettting the last laugh… -jlh

“The Royal Fart

It would seem that someone within the ranks passed wind whilst on the balcony – much to the amusement of all.

Notice HM the Queen’s face in the first two photos, then look at her final expression in picture three. How guilty does HRH the Duke of Edinburgh look?

Addendum: Check out the fair young prince standing to the back of the “windy” balcony, having himself a good old time, and for that matter, so is Princess Ann.!

What a hoot. What a toot. Thank heavens we’re all human after all!”


RICH, I tell you!!

If I had a dime for every car I’ve passed on the right…

I recently took a road trip to San Francisco, and it blows my mind how many people find a comfy spot in the “fast lane” and cruise! For miles and miles! There is a reason for all the signs that say “SLOWER TRAFFIC STAY RIGHT.” Sheesh.

I’d like to see these people make it out alive after driving like that on the East Coast.

I’ll step down from the soap box for now…but I’ll be back!

the internets


I found this page tonight when I tried to go to my Flickr account. I had to giggle at the insider reference to Senator Ted Stevens’ “insightful” speech regarding the Net Neutrality Act.

How do I know all of this, you ask?? Well, I saw it here. The Jon Stewart/Daily Show clip is an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE!

God bless Flickr for finding the ridiculous hilarity in it too.

camera obscura

While surfing around this evening, I was reminded of an AMAZING photo exhibit I saw last summer in Chicago. I didn’t remember the photographer’s name, but when I read “…Abelardo Morell turning hotel rooms into pinhole cameras” I KNEW it was the same artist!

Melissa and I hit The Art Institute of Chicago at warp speed before we had to catch our flight home. If we hadn’t been in such a rush (a shame, really—we literally only spent about 2 minutes admiring “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte“), I would have loved to pour over all the details in each of the photos. The prints are actually pretty big—about 4′x3′ or so. You can almost imagine being in the room.

The genius of his work is that he takes a shot of the room with a more conventional camera—in essence—a camera inside a bigger camera. Brilliant.


How did this happen?! I’ve been sucked into Project Runway! Agh!

While I’m supposed to be catching up on some other projects, I sneak away to watch Kathy Griffin’s hijinks (one of many guilty pleasures) on Bravo. As my evil giggles trail off, before I can manage to turn the TV off and get down to work, it starts: Road to the Runway. It’s not even the show’s premier. It’s only the casting special; easy to turn off at the first commercial break. Or so I thought. I was wrong.

Having never seen this show before now, I’m new to the personalities (except Heidi Klum—who DOESN’T know Heidi Klum? Come on!). To my surprise, Heidi is not hosting this preview show, though she is in it a bit. The host is Tim Gunn. Turns out he’s chair of the Department of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design. I’d say he’s qualified for this show, right? And then there’s Michael Kors dishing it up over the contestants’ books. I really like him. I’m going to put him right behind Todd Oldham and Isaac Mizrahi in my list of fun male fashion designers who I want to be my friends. (I don’t really have a list like that). There are a few other faces, but they didn’t make as much of an impression on me this far. We’ll see how the season goes.

The REAL clincher was the chosen contestants themselves. This preview show did a fantastic job of reeling me in by showcasing the talent and passion these people have! The audition tapes and books were amazing! Seeing some of their sketches really inspired me. I used to sketch fashions years and years ago before I knew graphic design was my calling. (Thank goodness I realized it.) Seeing the sketches on the show makes me want to do it again. Not actually make clothes, but get back into sketching, using color (not from a computer), and all that good good stuff. Some of you have seen my stalled kimono-pattern series. Geez. Perhaps writing about it here will make me more accountable.

After all of this, I have a sneaking feeling the show is going to turn out to be more about the reality-show drama that happens on voyeur television. But I hope not. I hope it’s more of the same from this preview show—focusing on the highly impressive creativity and undeniable talent.


By now you’ve gotten my email announcing my recent blogging venture, and that’s why you’re here! (Isn’t it?)

Jan “helped” me get some kinks ironed out this afternoon (i.e. he hacked and coded while I watched). He kept saying, “See?? Easy.” Mm-hmm.

Regardless, it’s up and running!! SOO cool!

The BEST feature of my blog (I think) is the section at the bottom called “Check It.” This is where I’ll be posting most often—most likely every day. I run across a LOT of interesting things during my days, and I wanna share!

So, visit again soon, okay?!


Alrighty! Getting started in the blogoshpere…

I had some thoughts recently that maybe I’ll just blog here and there about this and that. I happened to mention these thoughts to Jan in passing yesterday, and BOOM! Jan, being the assertive web mentor that he is, had me do it then and there (after I made a quick trip to the ladies’).

My intention in this whole endeavor is to have a place to ramble (as I’m apt to do often) and post most of the cool stuff I see, hear and read about online and around. I suppose it all came about from a tiny twinge of guilt for forwarding many emails with jokes, photos, web links. I only do it because I want to share with my peeps! But I’m tired of “forcing” all of you to experience these cool things that I find. So if I just post them here, you’ll be free to peruse at will.

Ending the emails cold-turkey may be tough. I mean, I am going to HAVE to send out a mass email to let you all know about this blog, right?? See? Tough…

Just know that you should bookmark this blog. Visit me often. I’m gonna post links, ideas, images, whatever.

And be sure to comment!

OK. (Does this thing have a spell check?)

See you soon.

PS. the jasmine at the beach smells SO good! sigh…