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Andrew Bird is simply amazing. I've been loving his music for a couple of [cardizem 60mg pills $70.00] years now. I was introduced to his music through . He has since released a new album: . At first, I didn't love it as much as his previous work, but don't you know it's completely grown on me. if you haven't heard this, RUN, don't walk to your nearest music outlet! I had the chance to see Andrew Bird live in December at the Warfield. His energy and stage presence makes me smile when I remember it. Cardizem 60mg pills $70.00 the thing i loved the most is that immediately as he walked onto stage, onto the indian rugs, he kicked off his shoes and played the entire set, including encores, in his striped cardizem 60mg pills $70.00 socks. He's entirely just as good live as he is recorded, if not even better. In fact, his live recordings are equally as fun and wonderful to listen to. Every time I hear one of his tracks play on my little blue iPod Shuffle cardizem 60mg pills $70.00, I can't get over how talented he is. Long live Andrew Bird!

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