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feeling floaty

There it is. I can see it. There, on the horizon. It’s my future. Uncertain, curious, and ready.

The clock is winding down FAST!

I gave my notice at work three weeks and two days ago. Somehow those last three weeks seemed to drag. But today, my last Monday at work, flew right by. And I have absolutely no doubt that the next three days will be no different, if not even more sped up.

It almost feels as if there will be this enormous buzzer in my head that will sound at the end of the day on Thursday, and I’ll start the free float that will be my immediate future. Right now, I imagine it as a dreamy, haze-type feeling. I’ll get back to you if it does indeed feels like that.

It’s all very exciting at the moment, and I’m enjoying it for all that it’s worth. I know that the excitement won’t last. But for now, I’m reveling in it all.

Last week, my soul sister Alisha (a.k.a. LuLu) gave me two gifts. [Sidebar: Alisha is sincerely one of the most generous people I know. She has a “prize” for me almost every time we see each other. Sometimes they are tiny trinkets. Sometimes they are bigger treats. But they are always thoughtful and meaningful—in my book, the best gifts of all.] The first prize was a magnet to add to my suddenly overwhelming collection. The second prize: a small book packed with poignant and timely truths and tools, titled Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life.

As I’m reading this rad little red book, I identify with many of the descriptors, recognize “characters” that I’ve worked with, and realize for the eleventieth time that my decision to take this risk-laden jump into the deep end was SO right!

perfect timing

Lately, I’ve experienced a string of perfect timing instances. Tonight I experienced one more.

Let’s just say that I had a less-than-great day at work today. I’ll go ahead and chalk it up to a case of the Mondays.

From mid-afternoon until about now (8:30pm) I’ve been carrying a frustration. I vented, played loud music all the way home from work, gave a good scream in my car and even rode that adrenaline high through a workout that seemed to zip by with no effort.

Thoughts of opening a bottle of wine crossed my mind, but I have some work I need to do tonight. So wine is out of the question. Instead, I sat down in front of my computer to unwind and distract myself by listening to a podcast while I mindlessly play Bejeweled. I settled on listening to the last remaining podcast I have yet to hear from PBS’s Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason featuring a discussion with Buddhist nun, Pema Chödrön.

Wow. Unreal. I’m taken by the content and how appropriate it is in relation to my Monday frustrations. She discusses how easy it is to get “hooked” by suffering and allow it to start a chain reaction. So true!

“…you can actually, if you come to your senses anywhere in the chain reaction you can interrupt it. But it gets harder and harder ’cause you become more on automatic pilot. And it’s like an undertow. It’s very seductive.”

“…generally speaking, nobody wants to suffer. But our means of going about getting happy are not in sync with our desire to not suffer. A basic Buddhist teaching is that sentient beings, none of them want to suffer. But their way of going about getting happy escalates the suffering. So yelling when you’re angry would be an example.”

“That urge to keep doing, as the Buddha would say, where your desire for satisfaction and happiness are not in sync with the methods you go about using. And then you could say the consequences, you know, of war and prejudice and so forth, they all come from that moment of the urge to do the same thing you’ve already done.”

“…if you work with your mind, instead of trying to change everything on the outside, that’s how your temper will cool down.”

And so, I’m feeling a little more open and grounded this evening. Hearing that message is exactly what I needed. The timing was perfect.

loyal user

My mom and dad cleaned out their closets this summer and had a big yard sale. In the process, they found some of my old notebooks from elementary school. The best one was my “TARGET” notebook. TARGET was a “special” class for the gifted kids (okay, it was the class for the nerds). And among the many pages of this notebook were lots of laughs, giggles and this gem:

August 27, 1984

I loved Apple computers so much, I drew a portrait! Sigh…

ooh la la!

Paris will be very real for me within a year.

The City of Lights moved to the top of my travel detination list, let’s say, a few years ago. Kenry asked me if I knew that I would expire in one week, where would I want to travel? The answer immediately became clear.

I haven’t really taken any specific measures since then to get there. However, it’s apparent that the time has come! (Well, it will be coming for a while, but the plans are more in motion than ever).

Megan suggested to me a few weeks ago that we go to Paris next summer. I didn’t skip a beat in agreeing with her.

Since we’ve made the decision, there was an “Americans in Paris” episode of This American Life that aired last week. And, low and behold, the Project Runway contestants were jetted off to Paris in tonight’s episode! Can the writing be any more on the wall?!

I need to bone up on my French.


namaste via iTunes

I’ve missed my yoga class for about a month now (bad Jenna). So last night I even set my alarm so I could get my lazy bum out of bed to catch a much needed stretch and centering.

Of course, I get to the community center, and there’s no yoga class today. Just youth basketball. No thanks.

I took this opportunity to try out Yoga Today online—a new yoga class available for FREE everyday!

peaceful Jackson Hole, WY

You’re now reading my endorsement for this great service. The class was challenging without being too difficult. I definitely had a sweat going, and I’m feeling great.

Although I’d much rather be in a real class with real people, this is a fantastic replacement. Try it!