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I got this in my email today. My question is: Why do they all have to wear the froofy garb—flair, if you will—EXCEPT for the Queen?? She really IS gettting the last laugh. . . -jlh "The Royal Fart It would seem that someone within the ranks passed wind whilst on the balcony - much to the amusement of all. Notice HM the Queen's face in the first two photos clopidogrel 75mg pills $117.00, clopidogrel 75mg pills $117.00 then look at her final expression in picture three. Clopidogrel 75mg pills $117.00 how guilty does hrh the duke of edinburgh look? addendum: check out the fair young prince standing to the back of the "windy" balcony, [clopidogrel 75mg pills $117.00] having himself a good old time, and for that matter, so is princess ann. ! What a hoot. What a toot. Thank heavens we're all human after all!" royalfart1. jpg

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