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I was rooting for Michael to win tonight's challenge the enitre episode. . . and he did!! foxy. <strong>Topamax 25mg pills 360 pills $329.00</strong> jpg

simply perfect
Don't quote me, but I might be rooting for him to win the whole enchilada. ALL of his designs so far have been absolutely flawless. Others have managed to squeeze him out for the wins, yet none have been as consistent as he in a level of quality. Michael is surely a quiet storm—striking a perfect (yes, perfect) balance without hitting too showy nor [topamax 25mg pills 360 pills $329.00] too subdued. Tonight's challenge was to update a fashion icon topamax 25mg pills 360 pills $329.00, and Michael's icon, chosen by his model, was "Pam 'mother f***ing' Grier!!" I got chills! Perhaps it's because I identify with Ms. Grier so closely—we both like to rock a hot fro now and again—or because I knew he would nail the challenge. hotfro. jpg
the real me
Seriously, though, Michael would have triumphed had his icon been any of the others: Audrey topamax 25mg pills 360 pills $329.00 Hepburn, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, Jackie O. . . He's that good.

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